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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 8, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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everybody feels like my child has to be treated a certain way and has to be coddled. there's a lot of coddling. >> sean: give vouchers and the problem is solved. thanks guys. greta is next. >> greta: his ears must be burning. whose? john boehner's ears. president obama sure is talking about him it is not nice talk, it is fighting words, even ridiculing minority leader boehner at times. president obama saying no way to extending the bush tax cuts. >> the president: with all the other budgetary pressures we have, with all the republicans' talk about wanting to shrink the deficit, they would have us borrow 700 billion dollars, over the next 10 years, to give a tax cut of about $100,000 each, to folks who are already millionaires. let me be clear to mr. boehner
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and everybody else, we should not hold middle class tax cuts hostage any longer. [ applause ] >> greta: while the president gears up for battle with the he knows the democrats could get a november thumping. >> if the election is a referendum on are people satisfied about the economy as it currently is? we are not going to do well. because i think everybody feels like this economy needs to do better than it has been doing. >> greta: fox business network reporter ashley webster. >> in reference to what the president said about whether it is a referendum on the economy is the business world looking at whether or not it is instead a referendum on him and his policies? >> absolutely. we've got nothing new from the pre. here we are we've already spent 862 billion dollars on stimulus and i'm still waiting for the return on that money. today another 350 billion dollars of tax incentives.
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the spending has to stop. it is going to be hard for democrats going into the midterm elections, i think, to carry through some of these policies especially in swing states. people are fed up with the federal spending. i would rather have my money go to main street businesses and wall street, let member handle the money. than i would federal bureaucrats where it just goes into the great abyss. >> greta: what is the difference? today president obama took swipes at minority leader boehner about his proposal. what is the president proposing and what is minority leader boehner proposing? >> it is philosophy of big government. john boehner says he would like to cut federal spending. he would also like to freeze taxes at their current rates. of course, i have to agree in one respect. with the economy struggling as it is the thought of raising any taxes doesn't seem straight. the president says those tax -- bush tax cuts should be allowed to expire for those very richest of americans in
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the top five, four percent. the ref us people earning less than $250,000 or less should be able to keep those tax cuts in place. so it comes down to how much money do you want the government to spend? that's the issue. i think democrats are going to have a hard time convincing their constituents that more spending is the answer. i don't think you can our way out of this problem. >> greta: it seems one of the problems is an infusion of money tax cuts or whatever to put stimulus money whatever, to put an infusion of money into the economy and do it quickly in order to ref it up. -- to rev it up. tell me if i'm wrong, i looked at some number. if we did away with a portion of the payroll taxes withholding money in the year 2008, there was 900 billion of revenue withholding. it seems we can almost throw the switch for a couple weeks
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and let workers keep extra money in their pocket and it would be a faster infusion rather than these grandiose long term uncertain programs. >> i agree. that's the point republicans have been making. get that money straight into the pockets of the workers who will then, as the theory goes, get the economy going. absolutely, we spend all this on the stimulus infrastructure but it is taking so long because of the red tape, for that money to translate into jobs. it hasn't happened yet that's what we need look at, frankly, a quicker way of getting the money to the peep who need get economy going. >> greta: while they are both busy criticizing each other we are not getting farther ahead and businesses continue to run into enormous problems. so the two sides they owe it to us to do something, at least to talk to each other. >> absolutely, the sooner the better. >> greta: don't hold your breath. ashley, thank you. >> sure. >> greta: so what's up?
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is secretary of state hillary clinton going a bit rogue? today the president is in ohio pushing for more spending. secretary of state clinton has a big warning. >> i i think that our rising debt levels poses a national security threat. it poses a national security threat in two ways. it undermines our capacity to act in our own interests. and it does constrain us, where constraint may be undesireable. it also sends a message of weakness internationally. >> greta: joining us former secretary of state kissinger. good evening, sir do you agree with the current secretary of state that our debt poses a possible national security problem? >> i agree with secretary clinton. that the deficit constraints our ability to act and keeps us from or may keep us from
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doing things that we would otherwise do and should do. >> greta: how do we reconcile and maybe we can't reconcile on the one hand we have the president saying we need more, which creates more debt or more deficit and we've got the secretary of state on the same day saying that it creates a possibility of a national security threat. how do we reconcile those two very serious problems? >> well, in the short term, it will not have a immediate impact. what will be needed is to review our international commitments and our foreign activities to see in what priority they should be conducted. that will be a major responsibility over the years ahead. >> greta: why do you think the chinese buy our debt? because they think it is a
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good financial investment or because they like the idea of us owing them money and it has some sort of element of control? >> well, originally, they invested here because it was an element of stability and also because it created some obligations on our part, some appreciation on our part. but the impact of the financial crisis on china has been enormous in the sense that they used to think that we knew how to run the financial system. now i think they have become much more cautious and probably have cut down their purchase of our debt to a significant degree. >> greta: have we had -- have we lost diplomatic muscle? we need china to help with us
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north korea, iran, with other hot spots in the world. have we lost our diplomatic muscle vis-a-vis them, because we owe them so much money? >> in the short term, it may not make too much difference. but over a period of time, when countries are making their assessement of what risks they are going to run together with us and what commitments they will make in realize to us, the indebtedness of the united states will be a big handicap. >> greta: how do we get around that? i realize your history in the diplomatic, political world, i know you have a strong grip on economic issues. what do you recommend? >> we'll have to go through a period of getting our house in order. and we'll have to start reducing our debt. and i personally believe two
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reindustrialize our country so we have more manufacturing capability and don't become more and more a service economy. it may not have an impact in any six-month-period. but it will have an impact over a five year period. >> greta: what about our deficit? does the deficit have any bearing on our strength vis-a-vis trying to get countries to help us with iran? take china out. in terms of our international stature? >> no, i don't think the deficit is the primary element in -- on the iran question. the problem with respect to the iran question is that a number of countries china, russia, have been unwilling to make commercial sacrifices. if you are not willing to make
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a commercial sacrifice you are not going to be able to have effective sanctions. the point inevitably will be reached with the iranian program will be so far down the road that what the international community does is irrelevant and in a way counter productive that is my big worry that is not driven primarily by the deficit in the time period in which the sanctions are being discussed. >> greta: is iran going to get nuclear weapons? do you see anything to top them at this point? >> well, we are on a road within a measureable period of time we have to decide whether to take more decisive measures. that means sanctions and other pressures that really bite or whether we are going to live in a world of proliferated tphublg weapons, which creates an -- nuclear weapons, which
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creates a new set of circumstances. we will not get to that point by very gradual sanctions. defined by the fact that they don't fully bite and that's the only way we get countries to join them. that process is turning on itself and i would say within some period, 18 months, we will come to that point of decision where we either do more or recognize that iran is going to become a nuclear weapons state. >> greta: dr. kissinger, thank you. always nice to see. you need come back more often we haven't seen you in a while. >> pleasure to be here. >> greta: thank you sir. next, the president slams republicans again for not having a new plan for the economy. no plan? we'll find out. mike pence goes on the record next. >> some big news happened quietly last week. nobody seemed to notice.
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we could've gone a more traditional route... ... but it wouldn't have been nearly as memorable. ♪ >> greta: president obama today in ohio in campaign mode pushing nay economic plan and securing republicans.
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the president set his sights on john boehner, barbecuing the republican leader for a speech he made ohio. >> the president: there were no new policies from mr. boehner. there were no new ideas. there was just the same fill loss nay we had already tried -- the same philosophy that we had already tried during the decades they were in power. the same philosophy that lead to this mess in the first place. cut more taxes for millionaires and cut more rules for corporations. >> greta: is that true? do republicans really have no new ideas? congressman pence joins us. let me guess the answer to that question, you are going to say the president is wrong? >> i think the president is flat wrong. i don't think is a choice between the failed policies of the past and the failed policies of the present. what republicans are talking about is not tax cuts and more
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spending. but let's cut spending and let's cut taxes what was remarkable about the speech this morning or this afternoon rather, was how partisan it was. >> greta: pot shots. he was hooked on boehner boehner got under his skin, i guess. >> yeah. i was in cleveland last thursday. i've been traveling around ohio and pennsylvania and west virginia. people are hurting. this was billed as a outline of the president's new strategy to get this economy moving again. you know you are about 15 minutes into the speech where it seemed like the president was stuck back in 2008, fighting the last campaign, talking about the bush administration. look, what john boehner did this morning on national television was extend a hand to this administration and say, if you will join us, in reducing spending back just just to 2008 levels, house
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republicans will agree to a two year extension on all the current tax relief. we'll get that done, we'll create some certainty in the economy. but the extended hand by john boehner was met with the back tim man by the president. i have to think -- was met with the backhand of the president of the united states. i would like to get past the partisan strive and do something to create jobs. >> greta: the american people are hurting, i agree. i travel a lot in this country. the thing that always gets me and i sound like a broken record, i've been driving up and down main street and i see all the for lease signs. and i get notes from people who are unemployed and frightened. the thing that bothers me is the partisanship. i hear president obama say that the republicans have no ideas. the first thing i think of is congressman paul ryan, i don't know if his idea is good or
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not but has an idea. when i hear something like that, i know nobody is talking. everybody needs to sit down and talk. president obama needs to talk to congressman ryan, boehner, whatever. >> we have lots of great ideas -- >> maybe they are not but at least talk. >> in the last year and a half house republicans had a stimulus would have cost half as much and created twice as many jobs. budget that reduced the deficit by three trillion. health care proposal. we had an energy bill. the president, when he came to our retreat remember that in baltimore? we handed the president a booklet that included all of the republican solutions including to get this economy moving again. he held it up and admitted that the republicans do have solutions. when you see the president back on the stump in cleveland today saying, they have no ideas, no proposals, the same tired policies of the past. the american people know what we need do.
10:19 pm
we've got to get federal spending under control. we've got to start cutting spending now. at the minimum, we've got to make sure that no american sees a tax increase on january 1, 2011. the idea that the president got out the same tired political rhetoric and doubled down on his intention to raise taxes on job creators in january of this year -- >> greta: [ talking over each other ] >> greta: 30 seconds left. i don't understand why cutting payroll taxes in the short run doesn't immediately put cash in the system. everyone has a job gets money back. >> you got a couple of good ideas out there. payroll tax holiday is one. [ talking over each other ] >> you don't pay for tax cuts with tax increases this administration has to take -- >> greta: i got to go. thank you. next, where is your wallet? big news you might need your wallets.
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dana perino, next. >> a judge may have found the most creative way ever to insult snooki. you are going to see it. ♪ [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curve balls. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. ♪ so why would you let something like erectile dysfunction get in your way?
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>> greta: remember when president obama said the health care overhaul would help keep health care costs
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down? maybe not so fast. according to a new report in the "wall street journal" some health insurers plan to hike premiums up by 9% they say increases are a direct result of the new law. apply to policies for individuals and small businesses. yet another political problem for the democrats. former white house press secretary dana perino joins us live two issues, one is the issue of poor people have to pay increased premiums. the second is the political ramifications. >> the people this increase will hit is not necessarily people who work for big corporations. somebody like me as my own business, it will probably hit me more. aside from that, people who have lost their jobs and have decided they really want the security of having a health plan, want to make sure they provide for their families and maybe they have a small business, living month-to-month, there's the people that are going to get
10:24 pm
hurt by these. >> greta: i think people stopped paying and hope to avoid paying the penalty hope not to get caught if they do they pay a $600 penalty not enough to pay in the pool to manage the other cost as associated. it could have a greater economic cost. >> or people could make the choice is it time for my family to go on to the medicare rolls -- the medicaid rolls. most people don't want that. they want to have some choice and some ability to have control over their health care. what is interesting is the reaction to this story. to me it was a statement of the obvious. what do they expect was going to happen? you learn this in high school there's no such thing as a free lunch. >> greta: as we go through some of the numbers, we don't know what is going to happen because it is not going into effect until 2014. whether it has any political ramification? it seems like people are so interested in the economy now that the federal health care seeps like old news. >> well, i -- seems like old
10:25 pm
news. >> well i think it has played a role into the mood of the country to date and the situation that democrats find themselves going into the midterms. this week we found out not a single democrat is running on health care not one. it amazes me to think do they want to be reelected so badly they can't stand on their convictions when they voted for them in the first place. >> greta: i don't blame them. i wouldn't run on it if i hadn't read it. i don't know what we should do with health care, you don't pass a giant bill and don't bother to read it and don't know the ramifications because you know all hell is going to break lose. >> and then -- -- break radios. >> and then walk away. all they did was say we don't believe the increases are necessary. the fact is people are frustrated with the economy. they do remember that health care bill fight.
10:26 pm
that's what started the precipitous down fall of the president's approval rating. >> greta: i think it hit the skids because it wasn't bipartisan. >> that was early. >> greta: in february of '09. that spawned the tea party movement and town halls and people in america were saying what about this health care provision and you don't read it. the president said i'll go line by line. congressman from tennessee said great i'll take you up on it, writes him a letter he doesn't want to go line by line nobody knows what is in the health care bill. >> here we are today. we have this bill. still nobody knows what is in it. speaker pelosi said you have to pass it before you know what it is going to be like? that's what we find in the financial regulatory bill. cap and tax did not pass. we need some sort of energy policy bill or policy that is
10:27 pm
articulated from the white house and from congress because they have a responsibility to do it as well. health care has been the crux of it. i agree with you, we need a change in some way. >> greta: you don't just make it up. you don't pass [ talking over each other ] >> and ram it through. and politically walk away there's a dereliction of duty from a communication standpoint thank you don't try to explain to the american people that even increases will be painful in the short term but in the long run this will be better for you and the country. they don't even come out and say that >> greta: it doesn't go into effect until 24 teen, after the next round of elections. they could have had it go -- 2014, after the next round of elections. you put it off and say don't blame me. >> but it didn't work. they are exposed. now not a single democrat is
10:28 pm
running an ad on health care? huge ledge lay chiefment and they are abandoning their president when needs them more than ever. >> greta: what do you make of president obama going to ohio? >> it reminded me in 2002 when president bush had his first midterm election this would have been the equivalent of president bush chasing dick gephardt around missouri, responding to him. i don't think it was good to dribble out the economic package. they should have done something bigger because now it is mush. i'm surprised that they announced a press conference held this friday. that means in the papers the next morning on september 11th, you will have all this economic coverage. he could have had a different moment. >> greta: i think the more troubling sign is the fact that orszag and romer left and i don't think you leave when things are going swell.
10:29 pm
and i think they jumped ship. >> i think orszag is a will have story. i really believe it. >> greta: we have places to live in washington. dana, thank you. next, news about virginia's health care war with the feds. attorney general nellie calls something strange and awkward. what is going on? he will tell you. secretary of state clinton tells mexico how to end its drug war. that report is minutes away. [ male announcer ] you can dream of making travel easier to book and more affordable. or, like, you can dream it and do it. lists on nasdaq, the world's most innovative can-do exchange.
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. >> greta: some big miss happened quietly last friday. virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli and the feds filed motions. attorney general cuccinelli called something strange and awkward. what does he mean?
10:33 pm
let's ask. i have both pleadings here. >> theirs is the strange and awkward. what we are referring to is their extremely strained argument to try and keep the individual mandate, this order that people have to buy health insurance, under the commerce clause. they really -- [ talking over each other ] >> they have to get from the point of doing nothing to economic activity. they have to equate those two. or they have to totally swallow up the fact that you're not buying health insurance in this enormous scheme they've created and say it is just one part of the whole scheme you can't invalidate the whole scheme because it will ruin the bill. yes it will. >> greta: you see what an important decision the federal judge has, this judge hudson who i was his intern in 1978 or something. whatever he decides goes up to the 4th circuit.
10:34 pm
since it may be a question of interpreting the commerce clause do you interpret it broadly like the feds want or narrowly like you want? >> of course there's the history of the commerce clause interpreted broadly. in the last three years three cases and the limit government side has won two. morrison and lopez. we also have a situation where because we had motions to dismiss this summer, motion to dismiss -- >> greta: which you won. >> we won. in the order in which the judge noted, denied the feds' notion to dismiss. he said this is beyond anything under the commerce clause that has ever been found constitutional before. he didn't say it is unconstitution 5 yet and beyond anything that has been found constitutional under the taxing power. we are out beyond all previous cases. >> greta: in florida 21 states
10:35 pm
battling the feds. in virginia you have a specific statute that says you can't force people to buy insurance. you filed what is called a motion for summary judgment which says i win. and the feds filed one that says i win. the next thing will be a debate, an argument. when is that set? >> teen here and there each side is going to file an opposition on september 23rd. then we will each reply to each other on october 4th. an cus briefs will be filed october 4th. there will be a fair number especially for a district court. he -- oral argument will be monday october 18, 9 a.m. in richmond. >> greta: which won't give judge hudson enough time to decide before the election. this comes post election? >> that's right. of course we have his comments from august, his august order in which he did say this guess farther than any other bill has before. so, at this point, if you
10:36 pm
looked at what the judge wrote you would think the feds are in a tough spot. again, we think they are. that's where the strange and awkward language came from. they got to contort their arguments to try and make this fit. >> greta: if you win. if the judge determines that the commerce clause should not be broadly interpreted and you win, yours is on that specific virginia statute. what does it mean for florida and the 21 other states? >> it is critically important. we took a rifle shot at the individual mandate. they have a number of different arguments they are making in florida. we also passed our law protecting virginians from an insurance mandate before the federal law was signed. so we beat them to the punch. what it really matters for the most, not exclusively, but the most is that standing argument that we've already gotten through. >> greta: the most important
10:37 pm
thing is if in many statutes if you declare one clause unconstitutional the rest of the statute stands. if your clause about the mandate is declared unconstitutional does the entire statute go down? >> we spent a good bit of time because the answer to that question should be yes. the whole bill dies if we win on the individual mandate. the reason is two-fold: first, there is no severance clause. >> greta: when they wrote in bill they could have said if you find one clause talk tack they didn't do that. that was probably not so smart. >> remember this bill was written to get 60 votes in the senate. voted on late at night on christmas eve. then scott brown won in massachusetts in the house they to say oh my gosh we can't send the bill back because they can filibuster now. they to vote that bill up or down that wasn't written to become law and there are two theories on there being no
10:38 pm
severance clause. one, sloppy. two, each faction that has its priority item in the bill says my thing goes, i want the whole thing to go, i want it to stand. so i don't want a severance clause. >> greta: the fact there is no severability clause in this bill is huge. i don't know if people realize -- >> everything at stake. >> greta: even if the rest of the good, the whole thing gets thrown out. >> that's right. we shall see. that's one of the things we attacked they haven't yet addressed you will see it for the first time fret feds on september 20 -- for the first time from the feds on september 23rd. >> greta: i'm curious. >> if you look back at the oral argument they said it is critical, essential, necessary which was my point. when you have that, that's another reason for the court under alaska airlines to strike the whole bill.
10:39 pm
>> greta: attorney general, thank you sir. next could a radical idea and the mexican drug -- end the mexican drug car? this is something you might not think of. >> when david letterman joked president obama was a one-time president. we thought he would not take it any further. we were wrong. stay tuned. copd makes it hard for meo breathe.
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>> greta: there's much more ahead. but first ainsley earhart with
10:43 pm
the other headlines. >> reporter: in texas tonight dust, floods, tornadoes and widespread destruction in the wake of tropical storm hermine. the storm spawned powerful tornadoes today. images like this visible across dallas and nearby rural communities. the twisters left a path of massive damage. roofs ripped from homes and warehouses, trucks flipped. residents admit they were caught off guard. hermine packed a light touch when it made landfall monday night. severe flooding is problem around dallas and austin two deaths are blamed on the fast moving water as deep as five feet in some places. scores of high water rescues performed. many had to be plucked from their roofs and out of trees. i'm ainsley earhart. we now return to on the record. for more information check out >> greta: on the record has reported every twist and turn
10:44 pm
or the escalating drug war for more than a year. today the arrests of several accused in the massacre of 72 people. secretary of state clinton has a game saysment of the situation. >> these drug cartels are showing more and more -- indices of insurgency. you know, often car bombs show up which weren't there before. it is going to take a combination of improved institutional capacity. and better law enforcement and where appropriate, military support for that law enforcement. married to political will to prevent this from spreading and to try to beat it back. >> greta: could the solution to the ferocious drug war in mexico be legalizing drugs? joining us "time" magazine's miami and latin america bureau chief. good evening tim. in terms of this problem in
10:45 pm
mexico which although they've made the arrests today and they've got la barbie last week and made arrests it doesn't seem to be getting better is legalization of the drugs on the table in mexico? >> it has been on the table for many years. since the beginning of the last decade it was under the presidency of vincente fox. that got derailed. because things are spiralling out of control again it is very much a consideration a again there. are two reasons. one is that mexicans, as is the case in the united states, they feel they are spending too much money arresting and imprisoning people for possession of drugs when they could be spending those resources doing a better job of tracking, arresting and imprisoning and convicting the people who are trafficking the drugs and committing all that bloodshed in next coach the more important reason is they
10:46 pm
feel that legalizing drugs in mexico would sap billions of revenue away from the drug cartels. that is really in the long run that what is going to solve this problem for mexico not so much arresting all of the capos and drug lords it is sap them of billions of revenue that allows them to buy weapons and buy off all the police and political officials that they can in mexico. as i said this's the long term solution that's one of the reasons this is probably going to come to true in mexico, i think this time. >> greta: a lot of people think there's a big difference teen marijuana and cocaine and methamphetamine are you talking about cocaine, meth or just marijuana? >> i think the more politically palatable solution for both mexico and the united states, if they were go to legalization, would be to
10:47 pm
start with marijuana. probably just stay there. there are two reasons, one, marijuana is considered, you know not as addictive and dangerous as cocaine and methamphetamine and heroin, so it is more politically acceptable to legalize that drug. number two, marijuana, unbeknownst to a lot of people who think cocaine brings the cartels all their money, marijuana counts for more than half of the revenues that the drug cartels get if you were to legalize marijuana in mexico and the united states, you would be taking about 20 billion dollars, theoretically, of the 40 billion dollars that the cartels in mexico earn each year away from them. that would do a lot to sap them of the revenues that make them so powerful. >> greta: if you shoot down one of the drug cartel leaders
10:48 pm
are they quickly replaced? so that this is not a war that can be won. >> that is one of the problems. let's face it, it is a good thing when a drug lord like le barbie gets arrested because it does mess with the leadership structure of these cartels. the problem is, the trade is so lucrative in mexico right now. there are so many cartels competing with one another that as you said, it is very easy for a capo to be replaced. it is a good -- it has a good short term effect in terms of batting these cartels. but it doesn't have much of a long term effect. that's why increasingly you are seeing the u.s. and mexican governments looking at more long term solutions like legalization. things that really go to taking the money away from the cartels. much like you know we took the money away from al capone in the 1930s when we repealed
10:49 pm
prohibition. that's what brought criminals like him down more than conventional interdict shun. >> greta: tim, thank you hope you come back the story -- the story is not going away. >> no, it is not . >> greta: next, the best of the rest. doesn't lindsay lohan have enough problems? why is she getting reopened into snooki's battle? >> hugh jackman takes a guest role in a video you would never expect.
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>> greta: here's the best of the rest. snooki goes to court! snooki from jersey shore faced the judge today. the reality star was arrested for disorderly conduct when she made a on a new jersey beach. the judge slapped her with a $500 fine and order her to perform two days of community service. snooki was subdued in court. the judge still threw a zinger at the reality star. >> i'm embarrassed, i would like to apologize to anybody that i hurt. >> you seem to be acting like a lindsay lohan wannabe in this matter. >> greta: where not sure if that is an insult to snooki or
10:54 pm
lindsay lohan. >> still tracking that mine in chile stuck for 35 days and could be there for months. the miners were just given a rare treat. they got to watch chile's national soccer team play ukraine. a small projector was dropped into the mine so the men could watch the game. chile lost 2-1 we are guessing they were just happen to have something pass the time. >> this is without a doubt the best video of the day. australian cancer patient just made the ultimate video for his wife to wish her a happy birthday. pulling out all stops and thanking her for standing by his side during his treatment. he got help from the prime minister of his wife's home country in new zealand and actor hugh jackson. >> he loves you rachel. he loves you. ♪ ♪
10:55 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greta: the two young sons stole the show. the boys may not be hollywood stars or famous politicians, but the camera definitely loves them. we wish the man a speedy recovery. there you have it, the best of the rest. >> still ahead, remember when david letterman called president obama a one-term president? well that is nothing. wait until you hear this. stay tuned. yellowbook has always been good for business.
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash those studio lights because it's time. last call. we must have missed this. >> how about that president obama's speech yesterday in milwaukee? the labor day speech. do you remember that speech? here is what happened. the president saw his shadow. which means six more weeks of recession. >> president obama listened to this and proposed a $50 billion job bailout fee, wants to rebuild roads, rebuild runways, going to be rebuilding railway lines going to be rebuilding his presidency. it's a big, big deal. >> we're
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